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Lizzie, Jane and Lydia wish their Mom, Happy Mom’s Day

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              The girls giggled as they had in the past while working in the kitchen. It was eight in the morning and the girls knew their mother wouldn’t be up yet. Lydia was making pancakes, as Jane had just finished her snicker doodles. Lizzie was pouring the orange juice while their plan was coming closer to execution.  Jane and Lizzie both flew back for Mother’s day and it was going to be one doozie of a day for Mrs. Bennet. As Lizzie prepared the tray that would hold their mother’s breakfast she looked to Jane.

                “Ah, you think we should like crazy glue this down? She’s gunna flip.” Lizzie said with a giggle caught in her throat.

                “No, I think she should go totally cray cray on this one.” Lydia said as she moved to put the pancakes on the plate.

                “You too, you know she’s going to have a heart attack after this.” Jane warned while looking to her hand. The beautiful ring shined in the morning light, the stones twinkled with sparkle; how Jane loved it. Jane’s ring was done in a very romantic and modern setting. White gold with turns and twists as the diamond was beautifully polished, as Jane looked to Lizzie’s ring she smiled. Lizzie’s was far older and had been Darcy’s mother’s ring. The rather timeless look of the Victorian design with the newly fitted diamond, it was a classic approach.

                “Well you all ready?” Lizzie asked and thought. “I know! Let’s go in first then bring the food in. She can get her shock, we can save the food, and while she’s having a meltdown; we can eat.” This caused Lydia to smirk.

                “Lizzie!” Jane scolded. “This is a happy thing, not a shock mom thing! It is Mother’s day!” Jane moved her hands to her hips while Lydia put the bacon on the plate next to the pancakes and got the tray ready to go.

                “You too go first, I like Lizzie’s idea. Though of course, Jane, she’ll eat after she has some happy pills.” Lydia said as she picked up the tray and nudged her older sisters out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

                Lydia smiled as she had remembered the previous Mom’s day where they did this and their mom would groan about them not having families of their own. Now Jane and Lizzie could start on that, and it would be cool to be the fun Aunt. Lydia wasn’t ready for that; she still wanted to finish college. As the sisters got up the stairs Mr. Bennet was coming out of the bedroom shocked to see his daughters. He had no idea they were coming home and he smiled proudly before moving to open the door. The three sisters walked into the room while their mother was still in bed. Lydia moved to put the tray of food down while Lizzie and Jane walked to the foot of the bed.

                “You sure we should do this?” Jane asked quietly while Lizzie put her left hand out. Lizzie nodded and gently nudged Jane.

                “Yes, we talked about this and you thought it was a good idea. Don’t chicken out.” Lizzie said with a wider smile. Oh this was gunna shock their mother but it was a good shock. Jane bit her lip and moved her left hand out.

                “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!” The trio shouted out, and their mother bolted out of bed. Though at the angle of the sun through the windows didn’t blind their mother at all. What did blind her was the shine off of the rings both girls were wearing on their left hands.  After Mr. Bennet gave his wife her morning sunglasses, she refocused on the source of the bright light and started to cry. Her hands clapped together as she sighed deeply.

                “This is the happiest day of mah life!” She exclaimed.

Happy Mom’s day to you all!

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